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Basic Obedience                                                                  .                                                                             advanced Obedience               Detection

                                                                 Competitive Obedience            Tracking                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Home Protection

Behavior Modification                                           & Problem Solving                  Bite Training



Tony Mercuri, Owner K-9 Academy Dog Training School.

Tony has become known as an expert on canine behavior and specializes in dealing with behavior problem dogs and getting these dogs over their fears. His years of experience in dog handling have taught him to identify the different personalities of dogs, which is the key to teaching them. Just like children , all dogs are diffrent and learn diffrently. Tony began his k-9 career as a "decoy" for police and private guard dogs after high school. He then opened his first dog grooming shop and has been serving the Abingtons and NEPA for nearly twenty years.

We are located in Clarks Summit, PA, minutes from Scranton, PA and surrounding areas. 


Our program is built like a pyramid, the foundation of every structure begins with the first keystone. From that first lesson we form a foundation onto which we will build upon.  Owners come to me with dogs they want housebroken, with dogs that jump, and with dogs that chase cars; what they all really want is a dog with a little focus and discipline.   We can solve any behavior problem by fixing one, which is lack of focus. From one degree to another all dogs suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. This causes their minds to race. If we can slow their minds down by getting them to focus, we can cure any problem.        
Although I use basic obedience commands in my training program, I care less about the physical action then I do about what's going on in the dog's mind when performing those tasks.

881 Old State Rd. Clarks Summit, PA. 18411